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ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站经济概况 Turkey country profile


近年来,ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站在私人部门已有显着发展,然而国有企业于工业、银行业、运输及通讯仍有重要地位。 ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站为世界第16大国内生产总值(购买力平价)之经济体,在人均国内生产总值(购买力平价)方面则位居第65。ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站为经济暨合作及发展组织之创始会员国及二十国集团的成员(于1999年加入);自1995年12月31日起,ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站已成为欧盟海关同盟的一员。 世界银行就ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站2007年之人均国内生产总值分类其为中高所得国家。中央情报局将ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站分类为发达国家,但经济学家及政治学家常将ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站认定为新兴工业化国家,然而美林证券、世界银行及经济学人杂志则将其归类为新兴市场。?

根据富比世杂志的调查,ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站的经济核心城市伊斯坦布尔于2013年3月有37位十亿富豪(全国则有43位),排名世界第5,仅次于莫斯科(84位)、纽约(62位)及同样有43位的香港和伦敦,但37名富豪的资产总值却比富豪数量较少的圣保罗(26位)和孟买(24位)低。 ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站股市于2009年间几乎上升了两倍。根据经济学人杂志,ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站股市的涨幅在2008年12月至2009年12月间仅次于阿根廷股市。[24] ? 失业率:9.9%,未充分就业率:4%(2007年统计)。 贫困人口比例:20%(2002年统计)。 ? 货币 新ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉的纸币与硬币 新ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉的纸币与硬币 新ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉(New Turkish Lira)。?新货币包括“1新ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉”、“2新ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉”、“5新ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉”、“10新ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉”、“20新ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉”、“50新ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉”和“100新ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉”纸币。新币正面均印有ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站国父穆斯塔法·凯末尔·阿塔图尔克的肖像,背面画像各不相同,颜色也不一样。ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站还将发行1、2、5、10、25、50小货币单位的“库鲁什”硬币。2003年ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站货币币值一度贬到每170万里拉兑换1美元,但现任政府上台后重整市场,近两年来经济略见改善,里拉币值也一路缓慢回升,到25日外汇市场收盘价为147.8万ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站里拉兑换1美元。

Turkey's rapid economic development. Turkey in the production of agricultural products, textiles, cars, ships and other means of transportation, construction materials and home electronic products are the leading.

In recent years, Turkey has been a significant development in the private sector, while State-owned enterprises in the industrial, banking, transport and communications, still has an important role. Turkey was the world's 16th largest GDP (purchasing power parity) of the economy, in terms of per capita GDP (purchasing power parity) was 65th. Turkey as a founding member of the Organization for economic and cooperation and development countries and members of the Group of 20 (joined in 1999), effective December 31, 1995, Turkey has become a member of the EU Customs Union. World Bank Turkey 2007 classified it as the gross domestic product per capita in the high-income countries. CIA Turkey classified as a developed country, home economist and political science will be Turkey as a newly industrialized country, but Merrill Lynch, the World Bank and the Economist magazine it is classified as an emerging market.

According to rich than World magazine of survey, Turkey of economic core city Istanbul Yu March 2013 has 37 bit 1 billion Regal (national is has 43 bit), ranking world 5th, after Moscow (84 bit), and New York (62 bit) and the also has 43 bit of Hong Kong and London, but 37 name Regal of assets total is than Regal number less of Sao Paulo (26 bit) and Mumbai (24 bit) low. Turkey stocks in 2009, has increased by almost twice. According to the Economist magazine, Turkey stock market gains from December 2008 to December 2009 after Argentina stock market. [24] the unemployment rate: 9.9%, underemployed rate: 4% (2007). ? Poverty rate: 20% (2002). Currency new Turkey lira banknotes and coins new Turkey lira notes and coins of the new Turkey lira (New Turkish Lira). New currency including "1 new Turkey Lira", "2 new Turkey Lira", "5 the new Turkey Lira" and "10 new Turkey Lira", "20 new Turkey Lira", "50 new Turkey Lira" and "100 new Turkey Lira" banknotes. S positive engraved Turkey portrait of founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, different portrait on the back, the color is not the same. Turkey will also issue 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 small currency unit "Kurus" coins. 2003 Turkey's currency was once exiled to the $ 1.7 million lire is equal to 1, but reforming the market after the current Government came to power nearly two years of modest economic improvement, lira currency slowly all the way until 25th Exchange closing price of 1.478 million Turkey lira exchange $ 1.?

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