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ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站建有油管1738公里,天然气管708公里,巴库-第比利斯-油管为世界第二长油管,于2005年5月10日开始营运。此油管将原油由里海盆地送至ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站第中海沿岸的Ceyhan港。计划中的Nabucco管线则是运输天然气从里海盆地经ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站送至欧盟国家。Blue Stream为已营运的天然气管,可将天然气由俄罗斯运至ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站,于2005年11月17日启用。大布里士-安卡拉天然气管长2577公里,衔接北伊朗至安卡拉森林主要是针叶林,大约占全国面积的1/4,主要分布在黑海周围,但很少开发。 随着生活水平提升,能源消耗亦随之增加,ag8亚游官网客服电话|官方网站政府计划兴建核能发电厂以增加装机容量。兴建核能发电厂最早于1960年代被提出,但厂商出价过高及安全因素而持续被取消。

Turkey abundant mineral resources. Include boron, chromium, iron, copper, bauxite and coal. Boron trioxide and chromium ore reserves were the highest in the world. General forest area, where the Lake is rich in fish and salt, and Anatolia have a vast Ranch. Rich in hydropower resources, building dams built in the valleys of the main rivers and reservoirs, development of hydropower and irrigation.

Turkey there are oil and gas, but the output is not self-sufficient and must be imported from foreign countries, in North Andover that Toglia Black Sea coast-leisiyisikendelun-East Bay and southern neituoliya area near Syria Iraq border discovered oil fields, is expected to raise the self-sufficiency rate.

Turkey built the tubing 1738 km gas pipeline 708 km, Baku-Tbilisi-tubing for the world's second-longest pipeline, commenced operation on May 10, 2005. This tubing will deliver oil from the Caspian Sea basin to Turkey from the Mediterranean coast port of Ceyhan. Planned Nabucco pipeline is to transport natural gas from the Caspian Sea basin through Turkey to the European Union. Blue Stream natural gas pipeline that is already operating, the natural gas from Russia shipped to Turkey, was opened on November 17, 2005. Dabulishi-Ankara 2577 km long natural gas pipeline, connecting northern Iran to Ankara forest is mainly coniferous forest, about 1/4 of the total national area, mainly around the Black Sea, but little development. As living standards improve, energy consumption also increases, Turkey Government has planned to build nuclear power plants to increase capacity. As early as the 1960 's construction of nuclear power plants have been proposed, but vendor overpaid and safety factors and continue to be canceled.

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